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Article Published October 14, 2020

A Force for Good

By Bruce Farmer

Republican Brendan Saunders is running for State Senate in our 33rd District. Having roots in Westbrook originally and now Clinton, he understands concerns and needs of our residents and businesses through working on campaigns 20 years, knocking on doors, holding meetings throughout the district, social media communication, as a radio talk show guest, etc. Brendan’s education, training, and experience will enable him to be a strong voice for us. As a minister working with youth, family, and young adults; holding directorships in marketing and tourism; and as a motivational and guest speaker, coupled with tireless energy, he is known for getting things done.

Relationships with local, state, and regional leaders and ability to work with both sides of the aisle is how he accomplishes his objectives.

Go to to see his concerns: the high cost of living in Connecticut, healthcare and aging issues, and education and training. He opposes burdensome tolls; believes we must reduce taxes, fees, and red tape hurting small businesses; supports COVID recovery; and wants to amend the police accountability bill that went too far and Connecticut legislation resulting in higher energy costs. Brendan’s plan and strategy to solve these issues is what sets him apart from others.

Trust issues exist when our current State Senator Norm Needleman (D-33) was against the police accountability bill, then voted for it and he said he was conservative on spending but he has voted for bills that I believe will ultimately cost residents and businesses more money. Enough is enough!

Brendan is a trustworthy force for good because he really cares about us.

I encourage your readers to join the many supporting Brendan Saunders to be the next state senator for our 33rd District who will actually fight for us.

Bruce Farmer