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Article Published September 23, 2020

Fearless and Visionary Leadership

By Christine Dokko

At a time of horrifying devastation caused by natural disasters overlaid by the pandemic, we need fearless and visionary leadership in every office. Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) has proven that she is exactly the leader we need now.

Living in a coastal town, preparing ourselves for longer and more extreme hurricane seasons and rising seas has to be our top priority. In 2019, Christine led the passage of a bill that allows municipalities to create coastal resiliency funds to help mitigate the costly effects of climate change. She also co-founded the Coastal Caucus, a bi-partisan group dedicated to protecting and empowering our shoreline communities. Christine has made it clear that she has the courage to face reality and work for a sustainable future, while remaining a business-minded advocate for her district.

Just about every day since the pandemic started, I’ve thought about how lucky my husband and I are to be raising our kids in this beautiful town. I want them to have the same chance, and that’s why I will be casting my vote for Christine. I hope your readers will, too.

Christine Dokko