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Article Published July 14, 2020

Bill Belichick in Branford for National Commericial

By Pam Johnson/

Branford's New England Patriots fans can now claim their hometown has been visited by the Pats' legendary Bill Belichick, who brought quite a crowd to Main Street on July 14 during the filming of a national commercial starring the famed NFL head coach.

Zip06/The Sound confirmed through the office of Branford First Selectman Jamie Cosgrove that the commercial, which is being shot for national restaurant franchise Subway, was set to take place at two downtown shop locations in Branford on July 14 as part of a one-day shoot here. Subway's world headquarters is based in Milford.

Trista Milici, Executive Assistant to the office of the First Selectman, told Zip06/The Sound the office was contacted about the Subway shoot by professional location manager Greg Nutcher, who first worked with the Town during a 2017 Hallmark movie shoot at several locations around the Branford town center (the movie, "Romance at the Reindeer Lodge" first aired in December 2017 on the Hallmark Channel).

Early afternoon shooting outside the former Denali store at 1004 Main Street on July 14 drew onlookers who watched from a staging area across Main Street as Belichick was being directed on the sideway outside the storefront. The shop in the shot was dressed up with the chain's highly recognizable green Subway store sign hanging over the door and color posters in two shop windows depicting a classic grinder beneath the words "We're Open! Hope You're Hungry."  

The production team had also scheduled location time for the one-day shoot at nearby Ralph Ciarleglio Jewelers, 1040 Main Street, said Milici.