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Article Published July 8, 2020

Consideration and Accommodation

By Gus Horvath

The potential opening of schools in Madison this fall raises the question of how to acclimatize students to wearing protective face coverings during the entire school day. All of us learn best by doing on a repetitive basis. Perhaps parents could start a program of acclimatization before the start of the school year.

Students in part-day programs might start acclimatization by wearing a face covering for a week for a half hour per day. The second week for an additional half hour, etc. Those students in a full-day program might start at one hour per day for a week and then weekly increases by an hour, etc. Exceptions may be made for those students who have a condition that precludes a face covering by introducing further distancing.

Consideration and accommodation of those around us will be with all of us for the foreseeable future. How we react and show mutual consideration, as a community, will determine our community’s fate.

Gus Horvath