Thursday, September 23, 2021

Staying Active in Quarantine


Your gym is closed. All of your normal fitness classes are canceled. It would be so easy to turn into a jiggly pile of goo in the midst of self-quarantining, but there are virtual classes available for free. Kenny Ward of North Haven, who now lives in Hawaii, is offering 40-minute Rhythm & Flow yoga classes online.

“As you continue to self-isolate, remember that there’s no better cure than movement when it comes to anxious energy,” says Ward. “I’ve got more videos coming, with our next being a fun Yoga Sculpt flow. The energy will be high and the tunes will be feel-good all the way! Stay tuned and stay safe, hunnies.”

40-Minute Rhythm & Flow with Kenny (Yoga Dance) is available to watch on Soulasana Yoga, Healing and Movement Studio’s YouTube channel and on IGTV (Instagram TV). For more information, check out @soulasanayoga on Instagram.

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