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Article Published March 26, 2020
Staying Fit at Home With the Help of New YouTube Channel
Pem McNerney, Living Editor

Privé-Swiss Fitness, a fitness studio in Madison and Ivoryton, may be closed for now, but the folks there are not taking the time off. Shortly after they closed, they reached out to us, wondering what they could offer our readers and their customers so that we can stay fit and healthy while at home. They then offered this fitness routine, and launched a YouTube Channel, free of charge.

As with any new fitness routine, go easy and only do as much as you can. It’s fine to push yourself, but not to the point where it hurts. And, if you’re not feeling well, check it out, and give yourself something to look forward to when you feel better. If you have any concerns, please check with your doctor first before starting a new fitness routine.

The YouTube Channel offers free 30- and 60-minute workouts, as well as shorter videos so that you can build your own workout at

While the Privé-Swiss studios have some really cool equipment, Melissa Bonner, one of their fitness instructors, developed this at-home, no-equipment workout.

* Warm-up for 5 minutes (jog in place, march, step side to side)

* Plank: Start on hands and knees. Lift knees off the floor, pushing feet back, bringing body to full extension. Shoulders stay directly over hands, back is flat, navel is drawn in toward spine. (Hold for 1 minute)

* Jumping Jacks: Pretty sure you got this one! (20 reps)

* Squats: Stand a little wider than shoulder width. Sink hips back, keep back straight and chest lifted. Stand up and repeat. (20 reps)

* Skaters: Lean forward, jump to the right, bring left foot behind you and left arm in front of you. Jump to the left, bring right foot behind you and right arm in front of you. (20 reps total, 10 on each leg)

* Lateral Lunges: Stand with feet together. Step right and lower into lunge, moving hips back, bending right knee, lengthening the left leg. Step back to center and repeat on the other side. (20 reps total, 10 on each leg)

* Repeat this sequence three to five times for a great cardio and strength workout!

Privé-Swiss Fitness is located at 1587 Boston Post Road, Westbrook; 757 Boston Post Road, Madison; and 57 Main Street, Ivoryton (coming soon). For more information, call 860-391-8735 or visit