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Article Published January 10, 2020
Walk? Fetch? Did Someone Say Treat? A Letter from a Shoreline Pet Lodge Guest
This information was provided Shoreline Pet Lodge, located at 157 Pine Orchard Road, Branford. For more information, visit

Get up, stretch, and start my day. Looks like a beauty. Maybe they'll take me for a long walk after whatever it is they do all day. Me? I'm scheduling a long nap in the sun on the couch around noon. Just heard the food hit the bowl! Time for some grub —it's not so bad for dog food. I'm ready for my day...

Uh oh—looks like someone pulled out those cases with wheels. That means they're leaving me for a week—sometimes more. But that means (drumroll here) they will be dropping me off at Shoreline Pet Lodge. Man, when I tell you how great it is there—they'll drop me off, I'll act sad that they are going away, but then the fun starts! I jump into my perfect doggie mode—sniff this one, lick that one, and save my wiggling and happy smile for Lauren because she's my bestie. I mean treats are one thing, but she will snuggle with me, run me outside in the fresh air, and then if I sit up and beg for a treat, I'll probably get another one.

Every time I stay here I get doggie love from everyone. They care about us dogs (and cats, too) so much. They have been pet boarding and running this day care for 33 years and it shows. Owners Barbara and Colleen Butler and the wonderful staff here want all four-legged friends who can't go away with their families to be safe, happy, and cared for in a loving environment. Ask any pet who stays here about it—I'm a little prejudiced because I'm obviously one of their favorites.

They know what I love and they say I have the best attitude. Like most Jack Russells, I have a lot of energy and I love interacting with people. This crew gives me my treat ball to roll around and get treats from, they throw me tennis balls and frisbees—I'm great at catching them, I make them laugh when I do my commando crawl on my stomach and then pounce on a toy, and I really love walks on the Greenway Trail that runs in front of the kennel. I've also gotten to participate in Learn & Play, where I go through an agility course of ramps, tunnels, weave poles, ball pits, and do dog puzzles. I love it!

Let me tell you, these humans work hard. We're talking 15-hour days and more. They keep the place immaculate and organized and they are so honest—they build trust with the humans as well as with the animals. I know my humans would love to know that I feel so happy and comfortable here—I don't really miss them that much at all. Wait! I hear a car pulling into the driveway. Maybe it's my people—it is! I am so happy to go home, but I love my home away from home. Visit Shoreline Pet Lodge for a tour and the best place you can leave us when you leave us.

Wags & kisses,

Paddle the Jack Russell

This information was provided by Shoreline Pet Lodge, located at 157 Pine Orchard Road, Branford. For more information, visit or call 203-488-9660.