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Article Published November 13, 2019

Best Days Yet to Come

By Noel Bishop

I wish to convey my profound appreciation to the residents of Westbrook for all their support in electing me and John Hall III to the Board of Selectmen on Nov. 5.

Our campaign was based on a very positive approach to the compelling issues of this community. We visited hundreds of homes in the last 13 weeks and we listened to residents’ concerns and pledged that we will do our very best to provide the necessary leadership to continue Westbrook’s journey into the future. John and I believe that Westbrook’s best days are yet to come. We call on all elected officials to put aside political labels and self interest to work for the greater common good for this community.

Voters have sent a very clear message to us during the recent campaign; “keep our taxes down and maintain the same level of service to the community.” It is our responsibility as newly elected officials to make sure that we keep good faith with them by scrutinizing every dollar that is spent and that we continue to promote the quality of life that sustains our lives and livelihoods.

Once again, I thank everyone in this town who took the time to vote. It was one of the highest turnouts we have had in many years; more than 2,100 residents voted.

First Selectman Noel Bishop (R)