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Article Published October 30, 2019

Tremendous Talent

By Jason Becker

Every two years, we elect our local government. Our town government likely has far more impact on our day-to-day life than either the state or federal. However, we may read and hear more about the state and federal government, largely, because they are a mess. Both have overspent, over-promised, and have a complete inability to get things done. This is not true here in Old Saybrook.

Under the leadership of our first selectman, Carl Fortuna, Old Saybrook has been fiscally responsible and responsive to the needs of the community. On Nov. 5, we have an opportunity continue that success and add people to our boards and commissions who have real talent. Susan Quish, Carl VonDassel, Jeff Jordan, and Joe Maselli are all running for the Police Commission and will positively affect how this board communicates, both internally and with the public at large. For the Board of Finance, Rick Swan, Carl Rzasa, and Tom Stevenson have corporate finance experience that will assist Carl Fortuna and his team as they continue to make Old Saybrook the special community it is.

This year, when the Republican party was looking for candidates, we cast a wide net, seeking among the best and brightest. Old Saybrook Republicans have found tremendous talent to put forth as future leaders. Our candidates are a diverse group of accomplished folks looking to give back to our community. Readers may look for themselves on our website.

I encourage your readers to support and vote for Carl Fortuna, Selectman Scott Giegerich, Treasurer Bob Fish, and the whole Republican team on Nov. 5.

Jason Becker
Old Saybrook