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Article Published October 30, 2019

Knowledge, Values, and Dedication

By Lauren Gister

It has been my privilege to serve as Chester’s first selectman since 2015. During that time, I have developed a keen understanding of how our town functions and what’s required to keep it working smoothly. As first selectman, I am responsible for a continuous review of current and future needs of Chester, including fiscal needs, personnel, maintenance of infrastructure, resident safety, and budgeting, as well as the daily operations of the town.

A year ago, Chester was dealing with washed-out roads and bridges due to flash flooding. We declared a state of emergency, made sure people were safe, alerted citizens of road closures, planned for and accomplished repairs, and secured FEMA funds to repay the town for the expense. Two weeks ago, hundreds of people were happily buying produce at the farmer’s market and last week, more than 100 people were eating apple pies at the fire house. Chester is thriving, even with its current challenges, and I am honored to be entrusted with its wellbeing.

The selectmen are the people your readers choose to set the example and lead the way in our community, navigating town business and listening to their concerns and ideas. We don’t agree on all issues, but we maintain a level of care and respect that far outweighs our disagreements. I’m incredibly fortunate to have Charlene Janecek as second selectman. Her more than 40 years of volunteer service to Chester gives her a broad perspective, and she has the innate ability to go directly to the heart of every issue. Together, our only agenda is to do what’s best for Chester and its residents. I believe we have an excellent combination of experience, knowledge, values, and dedication to guide Chester into the future. We respectfully ask for your readers’ continued support on Nov. 5.

First Selectman Lauren Gister (D)

Lauren Gister is seeking re-election in November.