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Article Published October 30, 2019
Long Record of Accomplishment
Bruce Farmer

On Nov. 5, Clinton voters will elect members of the new Clinton Town Council and it’s important to select the most qualified, who will work in a collaborative manner, not only with other town officials but with other municipalities and our legislators.

Republican candidates Mark Richards, Dennis Donovan, Carol Walter, and Chris Aniskovich have the proven qualifications and relationships to serve our town well from all aspects. This team’s experience and business acumen gives its members the ability to make good decisions, as they have shown many times in the past serving on town boards, commissions, and committees and through their unequaled community service.

Experience pays off in many ways and a lack of experience results in town costs skyrocketing due to increased legal and consulting fees. A lack of experience can delay proper, critical timing of moving forward on already-approved town projects, which causes further deterioration, greater construction material and labor costs, and the potential for jeopardizing federal or state project reimbursements and grants.

This team cares deeply about our beautiful shoreline town; our environment; our children’s education and opportunities available for the arts and sports; careful, thoughtful, compatible development; seniors; housing; infrastructure; and our history. Ask anybody who knows this team—they have a long record of accomplishment and vision for our town and have always made themselves available to discuss any topic.

Mark, Dennis, Carol, and Chris have and will continue to serve our community with integrity, honesty, and commitment. They fully understand the critical responsibilities that they will have as elected members of the Town Council and would be honored to serve.

I encourage your readers to vote for this highly experienced team for the Clinton Town Council.

Bruce Farmer

Republican Bruce Farmer is seeking a seat on the Board of Police Commissioners.