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Article Published October 30, 2019

Won’t Be Afraid

By Jeff and Laurie Bell

We have known Chris Ehlert for more than 20 years. We have seen firsthand how Chris and Melissa have raised their daughters with family values and the high standards they have set for themselves.

He has a passion and love for the Town of Westbrook we have witnessed through his work as a volunteer and an elected official. Chris has stood up time and time again for what and who he believes in. He is not afraid to tackle tough issues and is always willing to listen to residents and take the time to get answers to their questions or concerns. Chris takes a common-sense approach and demands transparency in town government and holds town leaders accountable.

As a past member of Westbrook’s Board of Finance, he advocated for responsible spending while making sure that Westbrook’s financial needs where met. As our selectman, he voted “No” to budgets because their increases were greater than what he felt was acceptable for Westbrook’s residents and businesses.

It is no secret that Connecticut has financial challenges ahead. We want to make sure that Westbrook has someone on the Board of Finance that won’t be afraid of making tough financial decisions and looks for ways to alleviate any financial burdens that might come down from Hartford.

For us the choice is clear and we encourage your readers to join us in voting for Chris Ehlert to Westbrook’s Board of Finance.

Jeff and Laurie Bell