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Article Published October 23, 2019
Perspective, Energy, and Commitment
Jane Novick

I am writing in support of Tracy Everson, Laura Noe, and Kathi Traugh, who are 5th District candidates for Branford’s Representative Town Meeting. It’s no small feat to run for office, nor is it a walk in the park to serve as a local elected official.

Kathi Traugh has served her constituents well during her term and, knowing how passionate Tracy and Laura are, they will be a fine addition to District 5’s RTM team. They will bring a new perspective, much-needed energy, and a commitment to the values Branford residents hold dear.

I encourage my fellow neighbors to join me at the polls on Nov. 5 to vote for Tracy Everson, Laura Noe, and Kathi Traugh for excellent 5th District representation to Branford’s RTM!

Jane Novick