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Article Published October 23, 2019

It Makes Sense

By Tony Cozza

There is an election this November and as Westbrook Republican and current member of the Board of Finance, I would like to encourage your readers to vote for our Republican team led by First Selectman Noel Bishop and Selectman John Hall. Over the past decade this team has done an excellent job leading our town and will continue to do so in the future.

I would also like to call readers’ attention to our members running for the Board of Finance, Jim Dahl, a current Board of Finance member, and Bill Cummings, a business owner with a keen insight on financial management. Noel, John, Jim, Bill and the rest of the Republican team will continue to keep taxes low without reducing services plus keep debt under control and attend to our capital needs. It makes sense to vote for the Republican ticket.

Tony Cozza

Republican Tony Cozza serves on the Board of Finance.