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Article Published October 23, 2019

Conservative, Thoughtful, and Responsible

By Don Perreault

Westbrook is a great place to work and live. It continues to attract people wanting a quality of life that is fast leaving Connecticut. Under conservative, thoughtful, and responsible leadership, First Selectman Noel Bishop continues to lead this small town as a model of economic growth and stability.

Under Noel’s watch, business in town continues to grow and expand. Westbrook’s downtown attracts new ventures. Solutions are found to solve environmental problems on contaminated property, years in the making. A plan for continued maintenance of infrastructure: roads, bridges, sidewalks are carefully planned and budgeted for. And, here’s what makes Westbrook unique: Noel does all of this while holding town departments to tight and responsible budgets, maintaining a healthy fund balance in reserve, and retaining a low mill rate.

Hartford should take notice of First Selectman Noel Bishop’s good old-fashioned leadership of fiscal responsibility and government accountability. Westbrook is a great place because of First Selectman Noel Bishop.

Don Perreault

Republican Don Perrault serves on the Board of Education.