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Article Published October 23, 2019

Committed and Engaged

By Noel Bishop

Our Republican team has reached out to residents by going door-to-door to your homes in the last three months. Repeatedly, residents have said that they are pleased with their lives in Westbrook and that the current Republican leadership that is committed and engaged is one of the major reasons they remain optimistic about our future despite the financial insecurity of the state.

Residents have consistently told us that it is very important to keep our taxes down and maintain the same level of excellent services. Our theme of this campaign has been “working for Westbrook” and with your readers’ support on Nov. 5, we can move forward knowing that our fiscal house is in good order and that we have the necessary financial resources to implement several major projects in our Capital Plan. For example, the repair of the jetties, the radio inter-operability project, completion of the sidewalk plan, and other infrastructure projects that are necessary for Westbrook.

Now it is your readers’ turns. I thank residents for taking the time to meet with us and I encourage them to come out and vote for us on Nov. 5.

First Selectman Noel Bishop

Republican Noel Bishop is seeking re-election in November.