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Article Published October 16, 2019

Stoop to the Low Road

By Gennaro Ruocco

I have to smile at the Republican Town Committee Chairman Robert Parente for trying to win votes and an election by discrediting the Democratic candidate over a tax issue. He and his GOP party have been supporting candidates for mayor who have had embarrassing issues of much greater importance in their résumés.

This is so typical of the politics of the GOP in this town: They sense a defeat in the November Election and they will stoop to the low road to hold onto the control of power they have had for so long .

The time for change has finally arrived in East Haven and Joe Carfora as mayor will lead that change. Mr. Parente’s $90,000-plus job with the Public Works Department will be part of that change.

The people of East Haven have seen this tactic before and resent it. Joe Carfora will show the leadership for our town that helped him triumph over heartbreaking issues of his past.

Gennaro Ruocco
East Haven