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Article Published October 9, 2019
Strengthening our District
Anthony Wight

Dan Adelman, Cindi Lombardi, and Shahida Soomro, the 4th District incumbent RTM Democrats, know our community. They understand that, as the largest and most densely populated district, our cohesiveness suffers from isolation of some neighborhoods and lack of a central gathering place.

Speaking with neighbors, they have identified significant concerns: traffic safety, balancing new development with provision for open space, removing blight to enhance the West Main Street gateway to Branford, and clear accounting for taxes we pay to support town services, activities, and sustainable growth.

Our Democrat RTM members know how to effectively lobby for the 4th District as well as bring voices of the 4th District to address townwide concerns. The re-election of Dan, Cindi, and Shahida is essential to the strengthening of our district’s role in Branford’s future.

Anthony Wight