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Article Published September 11, 2019
Extremely Well-Qualified
Alan Samet

The purpose of this letter is to support and endorse the candidacy of Laurie Jaffe for a position on the Clinton Zoning Board of Appeals in the Nov. 5 election. I am supporting Laurie because she is smart, highly ethical, and extremely well-qualified. Laurie is a retired Illinois attorney whose former legal practice involved review and analysis of administrative records. There is a direct correlation of those skills to the decision making one must make on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Laurie is passionate about dealing with the issues facing our town. She knows how important it is to follow the rules to reach the correct outcome. I know Laurie will work hard to make sure that Clinton’s zoning regulations are fairly enforced when variances are requested.

It is for these reasons that I will be voting for Laurie in November, and hope your readers will also give her their support.

Alan Samet