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Article Published September 4, 2019
Hard Work Lies Ahead
Augusto “Gus” Lucarelli

To correct the Aug. 15 article in the Courier [“Deep River Slates for the November Elections”], I’m an unaffiliated, petitioning candidate for first selectman in Deep River’s upcoming election.

To introduce myself, I am called “Gus,” which is shortened from “Augusto,” my Italian given name. I immigrated to the U.S. with my family from Fano, Italy at the age of one. We lived in Old Saybrook, where I grew up, attended school, made great friends and graduated class of ’77. Go Rams!

I acquired the trade of fencing (installation, not the sword sport) as a young man and it has become my career. Its hard work has sustained my family in Deep River since purchasing our home here over 20 years ago. All of my five kids have attended school here and my youngest has just graduated, class of 2019. Go Warriors!

This past winter and throughout spring I attended various town meetings. Putting it mildly, I was shocked at what was occurring in them. Some people charged with representing citizenry and bound to uphold certain principles of the town have grown accustomed to unethical, disrespectful behaviors.

Recently, upon discovering that the current first selectman, Angus McDonald, was again being unchallenged in the upcoming election, I decided to step forward. My traditional upbringing has taught me to stand for what is right. As first selectman, I will work to change town government to be open, responsive, and ethical.

Hard work lies ahead. I’ve reached tough goals before in my life and I have confidence that I will reach this one too. I am committed to listening to and representing the people of Deep River. My call to residents is to get involved, to stay committed, and to vote. This is our town. Never let anyone try to take it away!

Augusto “Gus” Lucarelli
Deep River

Editor’s note: Until last week, Mr. Lucarelli was listed as both a Republican-endorsed and petitioning candidate for Deep River first selectman; as candidates can only appear on the ballot as petitioning or endorsed, he chose to appear as a petitioning candidate.