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Article Published August 7, 2019
A Most Distinguished Record
Carol Altieri

I have enjoyed and been inspired by living in Madison for 22 years. I believe and there is enormous evidence that Tom Banish has a strong winning record for outstanding achievement as first selectman.

Tom Banisch is a strong, exemplary leader for all parties. He is an excellent choice having proved his administrative ability. His analytical intelligence, fiscal responsibility, compassion, and insightful vision for Madison residents deserve positive support. Tom has initiated and carried out the best practices that invest in Madison, increase economic security, attract families to town, and expand commercial tax-supported development, thus keeping our taxes reasonable.

Moreover, he is at heart a compassionate person with infinite grace in all his actions joining residents at the Senior Center every month to have lunch with and listen to questions and concerns. At our condo, we don’t have an association, so it is valuable to have a leader who will direct us to the right department to solve our problems. He doesn’t discriminate, treats all residents fairly, and attends almost all town activities.

Tom Banisch has a most distinguished record that is hard to beat.

Carol Altieri