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Article Published July 31, 2019

Set Up our Center

By Judith Martindale

When you retire and life gets shorter and shorter, you don’t like being told that it is going to take a long process to get a senior citizen center opened in Clinton. But that is what we seniors are being told. Many of us still have good memories, and we remember [then first selectman] Willy Fritz promising a senior center years ago. Instead, the building was a police headquarters. Now, there are four town employees in the Town Hall Annex, which is where we want to have a full-time senior center open. They can move to a school or the recreation department.

There are thousands and thousands of retirees living in Clinton and paying taxes. We are asking the Board of Selectman to take action and set up our center. It will be the last one opened on the shoreline: every other town already has one.

Those want to know more or help us get the selectmen to pass a motion to create a center may contact us at

Judith Martindale