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Article Published July 17, 2019
Accident Ready to Happen
Paul Neri

Walking for exercise is becoming more popular because of the potential health benefits. My morning walk is a few miles on a sometimes curvy Ironworks Road in Clinton and Killingworth. There are many other walkers at different times of day on my road.

Lately I have almost been hit by cars traveling at high rates of speed without moving over or slowing down as they pass me when there is clearly no one coming in the opposite direction on straight-aways with a long sight line. I always walk against traffic so I can read the driver’s intentions. As they zoom past, they are often not aware of me, are distracted on a cell phone, or simply don’t feel the need to give me a wider berth. It is not unusual to have to jump a curb to get clear of the car.

Drivers should be aware of all people walking or biking on side streets—slow down and give them room so it doesn’t feel like an accident ready to happen.

Walkers should face on-coming traffic or they might get hit.

Paul Neri