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Article Published June 20, 2019
Tsou Honored with Nightingale Award

VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice RN Patty Tsou of Chester was honored with The Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing at Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven on May 2. Tsou has been an employee of VNA for 10 years.

The Nightingale Awards program was developed in 2001 to celebrate and elevate the nursing profession. The program honors nurses from all health care settings and all registered nurses and LPNs involved in clinical practice, leadership, or education may be considered.

Nurses can only be nominated once in their lifetime for the award. Nominations are made by the health care organization with which the nurse is affiliated. Award winners are selected based on criteria that examines what set the sets the nurse apart from others, how they affected patient care and the profession, how they’ve shown commitment to the community and whether or not they’ve achieved a life-long legacy in a particular arena.

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