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Article Published June 18, 2019
The Chester Snack Shack is Having a Band Attack
Karena Garrity

The summer season means the Cedar Lake Snack Shack is open and ready for business, but this year it also means that every Sunday evening, starting at 6 p.m., the beach will host performances showcasing the talent of local bands.

Thanks to the persistence of Snack Shack sole proprietor and head grill man Greg Pfaffenbichler, the weekend evening concert performances have become a staple in the area for local families and friends.

The Snack Shack is also open for business during these evening gatherings, offering up some old-time favorites such as the double bacon cheese burger, chili cheese fries, and lobster rolls. New to the menu this year are tater tots, which can be ordered alongside a morning egg sandwich or afternoon hotdog.

Pfaffenbichler is a teacher in Madison during the school year, so the summer months are his time to let loose a bit and enjoy the beautiful view of Cedar Lake from the Shack. He looks forward to Sunday nights especially because he said, “the music is so good.”

“Over the past four years people in the area have really come to count on the Sunday night performances, they put it on their calendar as the thing to do with family and friends,” said Pfaffenbichler. “It’s a great way to close out the weekend, bring the kids to something fun, have some great food, listen to a new band every week, and watch the sun go down over the lake. There’s nothing like it!”

“Unlike some of the surrounding towns, Chester does not have a town-sponsored summer concert series, so it is great to have the music at Cedar Lake,” said First Selectman Lauren Gister. “The concerts have a big social following and there are groups in town that are religious about setting up their chairs and blankets every Sunday night together to listen to the music. It’s just a great addition to the town and the community and we are grateful that the Cedar Lake Snack Shack organizes these events.”

Pfaffenbichler explained that the bands are paid by tips and he starts working on putting the summer line up together in March and April.

“There are only so many summer Sundays, so I have to plan early,” he said.

The Sunday night concerts are free, open to the public, and you don’t have to be a Chester resident to attend. All concert information is available on the Cedar Lake Snack Shack facebook page. Concerts run from 6 to 8 p.m. The Snack Shack is open for the entire show. Guests are asked to follow Cedar Lake rules while at the concerts; no alcohol is allowed on the beach and all belongings are to be cleared of the area when the concert is over.