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Article Published June 6, 2019
Clinton Police Citizens Academy Graduates 22
Press release from the Clinton Police Department

The 2019 session of the Clinton Police Citizens Academy has come to a successful conclusion following a 10-week course. During the course, 22 residents from the town of Clinton were provided instruction pertaining to the history of the Clinton Police Department, as well as the day-to-day operations of the Clinton Police Department. That included in-depth presentations of the Clinton Police Patrol Division, Investigative Division, and Administrative Division.

The class was also provided instruction on the law enforcement related subjects that included patrol procedures, search and seizure, laws of arrest, DUI, domestic violence, juvenile law, school resource officer duties, DARE, budgeting, use of force and the judicial process. Attendees of the course were afforded the opportunity to go on patrol and ride along with Clinton police officers while on duty and see firsthand what an officer does while on patrol. Attendees were also afforded the opportunity to participate in a shooting range exercise and shoot the same exact weapons that Clinton police officers carry on duty.

The class met weekly on Tuesday evenings for approximately three hours each night. Each nightly session was instructed by a member of the Clinton Police Department. There were also a few guest lecturers throughout the course, including an assistant state attorney from Middlesex Superior Court, a local private practice attorney, and a Superior Court judge. The course is held annually each spring from mid-March to mid-May and is free to attend. The course is coordinated by Clinton Police Sergeant Jeremiah Dunn.