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Article Published May 16, 2019
So Much on the Horizon
Laura Colebank

I want to thank everyone in Clinton who came out to support the education and town budgets May 8. It is so exciting and refreshing to see our community come together to pass these budgets the first referendum.

I thank them for supporting our superintendent and Board of Education who worked tirelessly to develop a responsible budget that provides programs and services our children need to succeed. I thank them for allowing the schools to refocus their energy on educating our children.

Quality education is so critical to keep our young people challenged, engaged, safe, and emotionally healthy. It affords all our students the opportunity to earn higher-paying jobs, greater financial stability, and ability to contribute to society.

I thank them for supporting our Board of Selectmen, which has been working hard to make Clinton the “gem of the shoreline.” There is so much on the horizon to be excited about: Indian River Landing development (Old Morgan), a new town manager, a new town planner, the beautiful new sidewalk along Route 81, the new Clinton Greenway-Blueway Trail, a new train station, new businesses such as Nataz and Blend Café, a potential sports complex, and continued economic development.

Let’s celebrate our amazing community and work together to move Clinton forward.

Laura Colebank