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Article Published May 16, 2019
Cohen Applauds Advancement of Public Option for Health Insurance Legislation
Press release from State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12)

The Appropriations Committee advanced two pieces of legislation on May 3 to create a public option for health care by a 29-19 tally. A public option will provide relief for Connecticut families and small businesses who are struggling to afford essential health insurance due to the rising cost of care. The two public option bills will advance to the State House of Representatives and State Senate floor for further debate and action.

State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) owns a small business in Madison and has been a supporter of a public option for health insurance for Connecticut small businesses. She said small business owners and their employees need relief from rising health insurance costs.

“As a small business owner, I know the burden caused by these high health insurance costs,” said Cohen. “These exorbitant fees have some facing a dilemma where they are choosing between offering their hard-working employees health insurance, or focusing on their bottom line to keep their doors open. High-deductible plans have others deciding to forgo either a trip to the doctor, for which they would have to pay out of pocket, or deciding to go completely uninsured. A public option will provide small business owners with a quality, affordable plan they can offer their employees, thus continuing to make our state an attractive location for small businesses.”

“Connecticut small businesses and individuals are getting crushed by the rising cost of health insurance and this bill will provide companies and hundreds of thousands of people with something they desperately need: an affordable, predictably priced insurance option,” said Insurance and Real Estate Committee co-chair State Representative Sean Scanlon (D-98) Scanlon. “I’m grateful to my colleagues on the Appropriations Committee for moving this bill forward and now it’s time for the full legislature to act so we can deliver real cost relief to the people of Connecticut.”