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Article Published May 15, 2019
A Most Enjoyable Evening
Lori Koczak

On May 2, my husband and I, grandparents of one of the students, attended the annual Brown Middle School Spring Band Concert. I am still in disbelief of just how incredibly wonderful the performance was. The caliber of the music sounded like that of a high school band.

When the Jazz Band played “Poco Loco,” a Latin Jazz number, it was difficult to contain myself from getting up to dance. The entire orchestra played a song titled “Fire Dance.” The band director explained what a challenging piece of music it is, and for that reason, it’s usually performed by higher-grade students. The Brown School Orchestra flawlessly met the challenge—it was superb!

The music directors’ teachings of theory and instrumentation was clearly evident in each piece performed. I would like to thank all of the very talented musicians, the band directors, John Leonard, Heather B. Meachen, and Jessica Shaver for a most enjoyable evening of fine music.

Lori Koczak