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Article Published May 2, 2019
Bench Warmers Win the Senior Bowl for Deep River Parks and Rec

The Deep River Parks and Recreation Department held its third annual Senior Bowl Basketball Tournament for the high school seniors who are enrolled in its basketball program. The four captains were chosen by the basketball committee based on their number of years in the program, as well as their record of leadership and good sportsmanship. The captains held a draft night at which four teams were chosen. The captains and their teams were: Alex Brown and the Monstars, Dan Hearn and the Bench Warmers, Freddie Kerr and Big City Slams, and Nick Braga and the High Flyers. The tournament concluded with the Bench Warmers defeating the High Flyers to take home the Senior Bowl trophy. Along with Hearn, the players on the Bench Warmers were Zachary Cook, Aaron Jaynes, Dylan LaPlace, Jason O’Brien, Jacob Robertson, and Michael Ryan. The seniors requested that food and the monetary donations from the spectators at the contest be donated to the Deep River Food Pantry.

Information courtesy of the Deep River Parks and Recreation Department