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Article Published May 1, 2019
An Ayers Point Explanation
Mike Urban

In response to two recent letters from Robert Avery [April 4, “We Deserve to Know”] and David Towle [April 18, “Gadflies Are the Bedrock”] that appeared in the Harbor News [regarding the March 21 story “Old Saybrook Marshland Purchase Part of $1 Million Grant Proposal”], the 11-acre parcel at 40 Ayers Point Road consists of two elements: seven acres of marshland and four acres of dry, buildable land covered with grass and trees. The entire parcel is zoned residential, and the four acres have been approved as a prospective building site for a four-bedroom house. It’s a beautiful piece of property with views to the Connecticut River.

In all likelihood, the four acres will remain high and dry for many decades, and the parcel will continue to serve as a key spot for migratory and nesting birds and other wildlife. The Old Saybrook Land Trust is committed to raising $88,000 to go toward the purchase, and $175,000 is anticipated from the North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant (in addition to $40,000 from the town).

The land trust feels it’s in the best interest of the town and the lower Connecticut River valley to preserve this land as open space and to block any attempt to develop it. The town’s offer to help the land trust achieve this goal is well justified in our opinion, and it is much appreciated.

Mike Urban
Old Saybrook

Mike Urban serves as president of the Old Saybrook Land Trust.