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Article Published May 1, 2019
Great Political Theater
Mary Jo Phelps

Clinton’s struggle to pass budgets makes for great political theater each spring. Lining up on opposite sides are the town supporters/education advocates and the folks brandishing signs that read (distressingly) as follows: “No Town No Education.”

Take a moment to reflect on the blunt force of a statement like that. Spend a little time considering what’s at stake and what you’re willing to give up if budgets continue to get voted down. Reduced library hours? We’ve already lost winter Sundays. Road maintenance? Reduced police force? Music and arts education? Fewer Park & Rec offerings? The “Vote ‘No’” crowd is actively courting those who don’t live full-time in Clinton and so are not full participants in our community.

I encourage my fellow year-round residents to please consider what’s at stake and vote “Yes” on Wednesday, May 8.

Mary Jo Phelps