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Article Published May 1, 2019

Taxation with Representation

By Eleanor Susan Laplace

Taxation with representation is at stake for the old Saybrook taxpayers. Previously taxpayers overwhelming voted to convert the Main Street School into a new town hall, only to have the Board of Finance at that time appropriate $50,000 to demolish the building. Taxpayers held a Boston Tea Party and reminded First Selectman Michael Pace that the Board of Finance action was taxation without representation. The new town hall was built.

Chief of Police Michael Spera was adamant that the taxpayers purchase a boat. At referendum the boat was soundly defeated. Lo and behold, within the year a boat was purchased, ignoring the will of the voters. Currently, taxpayers have deemed necessary the evaluations of the Police Department and Spera. Some of the elected police commissioners are stonewalling these evaluations and thumbing their noses at the taxpayers.

The Old Saybrook town budget referendum is on Tuesday, May 14. The town budget is $19,999,442, of which $5,046,205 is for the Police Department; 25 percent of budget is being spent on policing. Until these evaluations of the Police Department and the chief of police are completed, taxpayers must vote “No.” I encourage your readers to reject the town budget and stand up for taxation with representation.

Eleanor Susan Laplace
Old Saybrook