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Article Published April 17, 2019
Much Appreciated
Joyce Rourke

The Scranton Library Friends second used book sale of the season was a great success. Many thanks go to the people who donated books and to all those who came and bought books. There will be a third book sale either at the end of May or early in June, dates to be announced later. Although our cottage is a little hard to find, it is located behind the laundromat on Bradley Road and is chock-full of books to be purchased. Customers find great bargains at our sales.

Our hard-working staff sorted books for months, set-up and took down tents, moved furniture, installed and retrieved lawn signs, and worked as cashiers and monitors at the sale. Kudos to the following people who made the sale a success, and especially to Jen Thompson who was our chairman. They are: Carol Bostrom, Marsha Brunelle, Barbra Buckley, Marta Carbone, Beth Cerny, Colleen Cummings, Joan Filbey, Marianne Frost, Susannah Graedel, Caroline Guenther, Amy Jamison, Vicki and Bill Littell, Sandy Long, Denice MacGregor, Joan and Fillmore McPherson, Arline Morrissey, Joan O’Neill, Ingrid Oris, Mary Osterman, Connie Piccione, Betsey and Harry Pine, Joyce and Jerry Rourke, Carmela Scialabba, Carl Thompson, and Diane Vanacore.

We hope to see many buyers at our third used book sale. As always, there will be many bargains. Community support of the friends is much appreciated. Thanks go to all.

Joyce Rourke, Volunteer Chairman
Scranton Library Friends