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Article Published April 17, 2019
Gadflies Are the Bedrock
David Towle

It is wonderful that Old Saybrook is blessed with residents who do not just accept the status quo. In the April 4 issue’s letters to the editor, two important subjects were brought up: Why are we considering spending money buying marshland that is going to be underwater in 30 years [“We Deserve to Know” by Robert Avery], and why do we continue to tolerate the man/child behavior of our police chief, most recently highlighted in the March 25 police commission video on Youtube [“Unable to Fathom” by Eleanor Susan Laplace]. Honestly I was reluctant to even mention the police chief’s behavior for fear of some type of retaliation, but if one resident can do it, so can I.

I hope the appropriate bodies can take some action soon on these topics. Hail to these political gadflies who are the bedrock of a free society!

David Towle
Old Saybrook