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Article Published April 17, 2019
Community Gives Support
Betsey Piner

I am writing to thank readers, shoppers, and donors alike. Because of them, the recent book sale of the Scranton Library Friends (SLF) was a huge success. Even with a rainy Sunday, the 2 ½ day sale was a profitable for SLF, and ultimately the Scranton Memorial Library. I thank everyone for their generous support.

The SLF temporary location at 114A Bradley Road will continue through early summer. We will have two more sales at this address.

I encourage your readers to keep donating your gently used books, fiction and nonfiction, CDs and DVDs, and textbooks. Our inventory changes between sales, with new books arriving daily. Readers can donate at any time by placing their donation in the cabinet just outside the door at 114A Bradley Road, behind the old Tuxis Laundromat.

The next sale will be Friday to Sunday, May 24, 25, and 26, at 114A Bradley Road, Madison.

The Scranton Library gives support to the community. SLF gives support to the Scranton Library. The community gives support to SLF. Thanks for the support!

Betsey Piner, President
Scranton Library Friends