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Article Published April 3, 2019
Significant Return on Investment
Olivia Lahner

As a recent Guilford High School graduate, I write to encourage your readers’ support of Guilford’s 2019-’20 education budget. The increase this year is a modest 1.77 percent and will offer our town a significant return on investment in coming years. A vote in support of the budget will help to sustain and invest in areas such as health and wellness, clubs and activities, and in the continued growth of our academic excellence.

I know the importance of having high quality opportunities in high school and how they can shape a person’s life. Many of the clubs that will be added will focus on the arts and leadership. These areas are critical for young minds, teaching kids how to express themselves and how to become the effective leaders of tomorrow.

Since the budget will also focus on our kid’s mental health, it will not only help to improve their grades, but will empower them to flourish in the real world. By voting “Yes” for this budget on April 9, we will be voting to invest in Guilford’s future.

Olivia Lahner