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Article Published April 3, 2019
Funds Critical Programs and Service
Allison Pelliccio, Jen Gould, Therese DeMatteo, and Krysta Vitali-Elam

We are writing to encourage all Guilford residents, especially those with children in the public schools, to vote in support of the town budget on April 9. The proposed budget responsibly funds critical programs and services and maintains our high-quality schools.

This vote directly impacts each one of our students, teachers, and schools. Last year’s budget, for example, provided for full-time music instruction at our elementary schools and an additional classroom teacher at Leete. Both of these additions have had an immediate, positive effect on our children. This year’s budget includes essential building maintenance at both A.W. Cox and Melissa Jones schools.

As officers in the Calvin Leete and Guilford Lakes PTOs, we fundraise all year for field trips, classroom supplies, assemblies, and all of the extra programming that enriches each school. However, we rely on a responsible level of funding from the town itself. We feel strongly that the 2019-’20 budget proposal deserves every parent’s “Yes” vote and hope to see all of them at the polls!

Allison Pelliccio and Jen Gould, Co-Presidents
Calvin Leete PTO

Therese DeMatteo and Krysta Vitali-Elam, Co-Presidents
Guilford Lakes PTO