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Article Published April 3, 2019
Unable to Fathom
Eleanor Susan Laplace

I encourage all Old Saybrook citizens, taxpayers, and voters to view the YouTube meeting video “Old Saybrook Police Commission March 25, 2019.” Next, ponder Police Chief Michael Spera’s reaction to a miscommunication between elected commissioners Chairman Carl S. Von Dossel and Frank Glowski. I am unable to fathom how an elected police commissioner would be treated in such an inappropriate manner by Chief Spera, who stated he would talk to his attorney.

Elected commissioners oversee the Police Department. I am deeply saddened that this incident was so unsettling to Mr. Glowski that he resigned from the Police Commission. I appreciate his service to the community; his efforts will be sorely missed. Hopefully, this deplorable event will lead to the long-overdue evaluation of the Chief of Police Michael Spera.

Eleanor Susan Laplace
Old Saybrook