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Article Published April 3, 2019
We Deserve to Know
Robert Avery

After reading the article about Old Saybrook’s proposed marshland purchase in the March 21 Harbor News [“Old Saybrook Marshland Purchase Part of $1 Million Grant Proposal”], I have a question: Why? A marsh is a marsh. It’s not buildable. It’s not going to change, except that it may become more flooded, which is a function of nature. How is a change of ownership going to affect the rising sea, marsh migration, or the centuries-old migratory habits of birds?

I ask the proponents to explain definitively their purpose, and how they propose to change the course of nature. The present owner must be delighted at the prospect of receiving money, perhaps a lot of it, for something that has no monetary value. We deserve to know who that is, as well.

Robert Avery
Old Saybrook