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Article Published March 27, 2019
A High Quality of Life
Suzanne Carlson

Citizens of Guilford are fortunate to live in a community that consciously focuses on providing top-notch education and nurturing a high quality of life. I’m one of those fortunate residents who benefits from the town’s social service offerings. I suffered a cerebral aneurism, becoming disabled and unable to drive, but am determined to lead an independent and productive life.

I’ve tapped into the many resources offered by Guilford Senior Services, the most crucial being the availability of bus transportation.

In Fiscal Year 2017-’18, the service transported approximately 10,986 passengers, offering 7,176 rides for seniors covering more than 52,446 miles to get them to doctor appointments and grocery shopping, to the Community Center for lunch programs and events, and on highly valued trips. Additionally, 8,854 meals were served at the Community Center and more than 24,732 meals delivered by the Meals on Wheels program.

Guilford Public Schools is one of the most successful school systems in the state. Guilford students continue to excel in all disciplines and our school district continues to improve learning opportunities and increase services each year, not with increased spending but by being innovative in how it utilizes resources and personnel. Our school district ranks highly in many areas including standardized test scores, college placements, athletics, the arts, and the state’s accountability system, which includes 12 indicators of how well a school district is preparing its students for success.

The district has also proven its commitment to the health and safety of students by maintaining smaller class sizes, working with programs like Choose Love and Look for the Good to build positive and inclusive school climates, focusing on ways to reduce student stress, and continuing to increase safety and security at all schools.

With appreciation to everyone involved, I encourage your readers to support proposed 2019-’20 budget.

Suzanne Carlson