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Article Published February 13, 2019
Before Party or Politics
George Smith

East Haven is holding a special election for the 99th District state representative seat on Feb. 26. I am honored to be supporting Josh Balter.

I was fortunate to have met Josh several years ago while campaigning together for James Albis’s re-election, and I know Josh will emulate James Albis’s strong voice up in Hartford.

Josh has served our country as a retired Navy chief and combat veteran with two tours in Iraq, and is now a devoted husband and father to his large family. I am proud to support Josh as he runs to serve our community because I know he will put us before party or politics. I also know Josh means what he says and says what he means, so you can count on his unwavering honesty and directness.

I encourage your readers to exercise their right to vote that Josh fought to protect, and support Josh Balter for the 99th state representative seat.

George Smith
East Haven