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Article Published February 13, 2019
Will Stand Up for Community
Peter Cianelli

On Feb. 26, East Haven residents will head to the polls to elect a new state representative to replace James Albis. I am lending my support to Joe Zullo because he has East Haven’s best interests at heart and because I know he will stand up for our community in Hartford.

Over the past few years, the legislature has floated proposals to tax cell phones, tires, and restaurants. This year, proposals have included a new 1-mill state-wide real estate tax, extensions of the sales tax to groceries and medicine, and even a 50-percent tax on ammunition. I do not know if the governor will actually pursue these taxes. However, I do know that Joe Zullo has come out strongly in opposition to these and other new taxes.

I know Joe will work alongside our State Senator Len Fasano (R-34) to oppose costly new taxes and to keep our community and State affordable places to live. For so many reasons, and especially because he will be a trustworthy fiscal watchdog, I encourage my fellow residents to elect Joe Zullo on Feb. 26.

Peter Cianelli
East Haven