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Article Published February 6, 2019
Integrity and Good Character
Oni and Jocelyn Sioson

As a couple that includes a former submariner who also witnessed the horrors of war in Vietnam, where he served with the Seabees (CBMU-301), we have no doubt Mr. Josh Balter, as a Navy (submariner) veteran, will do his best as the town’s state representative in Hartford if he is elected to office.

Beyond that and being unfamiliar with his person, we unfortunately cannot say much more, but we have been acquainted with 99th District state representative candidate Joe Zullo long enough to say we think he is a man of integrity and good character.

His youthful appearance belies his maturity and competence in the field of his choosing, as demonstrated in the decisions he makes and the legal advice he recommends in his role as East Haven town attorney.

Equally commendable in our view is his commitment to serving the greater good of our community, which quite naturally appeals to the heart and mind as it gives credence to the public pronouncements he has made as a town official.

Because experience in governance, together with active participation in the life of the community, is fundamental to the duties a state legislator will shoulder, we are confident he could fulfill the responsibilities all of us in town expects from that office holder.

It is with that thought in mind we wholeheartedly support Joe Zullo’s candidacy and wish him all the good luck in his noble endeavor.

Oni and Jocelyn Sioson
East Haven