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Article Published January 16, 2019
Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test
Cheri-Ann Perry

The Deep River Planning & Zoning Commission will consider a floating zones amendment on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

Floating zones are a thinly disguised means of allowing those with money and/or influence to get around regulations at the expense of their neighbors. Attorneys often suggest this method for clients whose projects are inappropriate for residential or environmentally sensitive zones.

We have zoning districts. We have a zoning board to enforce regulations that protect residential zones from commercial and industrial encroachment. We have a Zoning Board of Appeals to consider hardship exceptions to those regulations. (Bear in mind that members of both boards are appointed by the selectmen, not elected.)

If floating zones are approved, our reliance on the protection of our zoning maps is completely undermined. This can result in abuse of power and favor private development over property owners’ rights.

Whose idea was this and why is it needed? To me it doesn’t pass the smell test.

I encourage your readers to attend this important meeting and voice their opposition to the floating zones amendment.

Cheri-Ann Perry
Deep River