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Article Published January 9, 2019
Starting the 375th Year Celebration
Bimmie Herget

On Jan. 4, the committee to have all of Branford kick off Branford’s 375th birthday year held a First Night Celebration on the historic Branford Town Green. This First Night was just the beginning of a year-long celebration of all that makes Branford such a diverse and special community. On Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 6 p.m. at the Branford Fire Headquarters, all Branford service groups and organizations or any group that is planning an event during this 2019 year is invited to this meeting to list their activity to be part of the 375th celebration.

One event is the Martin Luther King Breakfast at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 21. This year this breakfast is being extended in to the community by holding it at Branford High School, and the keynote speaker is Beth Chandler, who was born and raised in Branford and grew up attending the AME Zion Church with her dad, mom, and brother. As a hometown hero, Beth graduated as president of her class from Branford High School in the class of 1984. One year later, the MLK Breakfast was started by the AME Zion Church.

Thus, Beth Chandler is a wonderful representative of Martin Luther King’s legacy and of all that makes Branford such a diverse and special community. So plan to join Branford’s MLK breakfast as we celebrate Martin Luther King’s Life endeavor, Beth Chandler’s present-day endeavors, and the beginning celebration of 375 years of Branford’s continuous endeavors.

Bimmie Herget