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Article Published January 7, 2019
Highclere Castle Spirits Company Opens North American Headquarters in Essex, CT
Press release from Julii Luxury Brands, LLC

Essex, CT (December 4, 2018) — Highclere Castle Spirits has opened its headquarters in the historic Witch Hazel Works Building in Essex, CT.  Company CEO and Essex resident, Adam von Gootkin selected the location after conversations with First Selectman, Norman Needleman & property manager, Peter Decker of HT Partners, LLC. The company was formed by von Gootkin and the 8th Earl & Countess of Carnarvon, the owners of Highclere Castle in Hampshire England. Highclere Castle has garnered worldwide reputation as the notable film location of the Emmy award winning television series and soon to be motion picture Downton Abbey.

The company will release a super-premium Highclere Castle Gin globally in the first quarter of 2019.  The gin is being produced in England's oldest gin distillery using botanicals from the famed Highchere Castle Estate, including juniper & lavender planted by the bishops of Winchester in the 1600's as well as oranges from the Victorian era orangery. The gin flavor evokes the authentic turn of the century elegance of Highclere itself.  Highclere has hosted royalty, famous entertainers, scientists, intellectuals and statesmen since the mid 1800's and is renowned for its legendary parties.

Company management released an award-winning Highclere Castle Cigar in 2018 throughout the United States and United Kingdom. The cigar has been rated the #1 cigar of the year by multiple publications.

Von Gootkin's previous ventures have included the well renowned Onyx Spirits company, a distillery in the Hartford area that produces Connecticut's first whiskey, Secret Stash as well as the award- winning Onyx Moonshine. "I have fallen in love with Essex, since moving here in 2017. Lord Carnarvon visited us here last year, enjoying his time at the Griswold Inn. We felt this was a perfect location for our new company and the town has been incredibly welcoming," said von Gootkin.

Since opening the offices in the summer of 2018, the company has been busy preparing for the global launch of the Highclere Castle Gin, relocating key management and their families to Essex.

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