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Article Published January 2, 2019
Our Pledge and Promise
Miner T. Vincent

There are only so many words that this letter can contain, so the Families Helping Families board wouldn’t have enough space to tell you everything we need to say. This phrase says it best: thank you. We mean thank you from the depths of our heart. It’s only because of the community’s overwhelming generosity that we can even continue to exist. They are Families Helping Families. Their continuing support is the very reason we can fund our five community outreach programs.

Here are a few examples of what supporters accomplished this year. Their funding enabled us to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries’ Clinton Food Pantry every week. Essentials like laundry detergent, tissues, hand soap, and many others were delivered to the pantry when needed. When there was no cereal or juice, supporters were there to make sure the pantry was restocked.

Supporters helped provide needed resources to the Food for All Garden community garden that helps produce thousands upon thousands of pounds of produce this past summer. When some Clinton children needed back to school shoes and clothes, donors were at the ready. They provided a young girl her first bike through our Clinton Kids Initiative program. When school let out for the summer, supporters found a way to make sure there were lunches for Clinton children. No Clinton family had to have a cold home because donors made sure emergency funds were always available.

We wish there was some way we could give each supporter a hug and say thank you face to face. We can’t say it enough that the people in Clinton truly care. Our pledge and promise to all is we will continue to serve the children and families in Clinton with all of our passion and compassion.

Miner T. Vincent
Families Helping Families