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Article Published December 31, 2018
June’s Outback in Killingworth: Crazy Good Burgers and a Feel-Good Atmosphere
This story was provided June’s Outback

If you haven't been to June's Outback in Killingworth, consider this your invitation! The burgers are delicious, the pizza is perfection, and the owner, June Vigliotto, is a long-time local who goes above and beyond to make her customers feel welcome and support her community.

Vigliotto worked as a bartender at the original Cooks Village Pub for seven years before purchasing the establishment from owners Winnie and Lee Cook in 1995. She changed the name to June's Outback and added a full kitchen in 2008 but made sure to never lose the "pub" atmosphere that she loves so much.

"We're like a big family and that will NEVER change," she says.

A large part of what gives the pub such a great vibe is Vigliotto's dedication to taking care of those around her. One example is the Liberty Burger. One dollar from every burger sold is donated to the local VFW. Last year the restaurant donated $3,000 with proceeds from this delicious fresh-ground, madeto-order sirloin burger!

The restaurant also serves as a center for several annual bike fundraisers and as a collection hub for clothing, food, and toiletries for the homeless in New Haven.

Vigliotto's joyous nature and commitment to fresh food make June's Outback a delightful experience. Come see for yourself! Open every day of the week.

This story was provided by June's Outback, located at 184 Connecticut Route 81, Killingworth. Check out or call 860-663-1292 for more info.