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Article Published December 20, 2018
Brockamer Did it All on the Indians’ Gridiron
PJ Foti, Sports Writer

Devan Brockamer was an ideal leader for the North Haven football team this season. As a senior captain, Devan helped a young club get up to speed on the varsity field, and his efforts proved huge in the Indians recording the eight victories they needed to make the Class L State Playoffs. Devan contributed to North Haven in all phases of the game, earning spots on the All-SCC Tier 1 Team and the Levi Jackson All-Star Team for his performance as a defensive back.

Devan feels fortunate that he even got the opportunity to play football in high school after he had to sit out his last two seasons of middle school due to a back injury. When he was in 6th grade, Devan fractured two vertebrae in his back during a youth football game.

“That was everything. I think I took playing for granted, but then I had that time off. Freshman year, when I came back, I appreciated it,” Devan says. “I was back playing with them, and I was so happy to be around the team and finally playing again, because I didn’t think I was going to.”

Fortunately, Devan was able to recover from his injury and join his friends on the high school team in his freshman year. As his career unfolded, Devan developed into a multi-faceted athlete who made a difference for the Indians in a variety of ways. Head Coach Anthony Sagnella routinely looked to Devan to produce on offense, defense, and special teams—and Devan didn’t disappoint.

“In terms of what we did, he was very versatile and able to do everything. He was a good blocker, excellent runner, dependable receiver, and was able to play in multiple roles for us on both sides of the ball. He kind of did everything you look for in a skill player,” Coach Sagnella says. “When you have numbers, you have multiple players for multiple roles. In our case, we look for versatile players to play multiple roles, and Devan was one of those guys. He did a lot for us.”

Devan primarily lined up was a wingback on offense and was one of several runners who helped North Haven grind out yards on the ground this fall. He finished his senior season with 625 rushing yards and five touchdowns to go with 223 yards and four TDs through the air. Devan credits the Indians’ blockers for creating those holes that helped him break loose.

“It’s definitely a lot of fun to be a part of our offense,” says Devan. “I had great support from the coaching staff and my teammates. A lot of my big plays were set up by the guys blocking up front, so without them, I wouldn’t be going anywhere. It’s much more a credit to those guys.”

Devan also had a standout season on defense. Devan, who played both cornerback and safety, made the All-SCC Tier 1 Team at defensive back, in addition to solidifying his place on the Levi Jackson All-Star Team. Devan had 52 tackles with an interception this year, using his swiftness and savvy to make an impact.

“I think my speed and awareness on both sides of the ball, my quickness, I use that to an advantage,” Devan says. “I can’t use my size, because I’m 5-foot-6, 150 pounds. I had to play smarter and use my ability to be quick and fast on the field.”

Devan never expected to be a captain when he signed up to play football for North Haven, but feels honored to have earned that title. Devan learned a lot from the captains who preceded him, and he’s happy he had the chance to lead the Indians as a captain throughout a memorable senior season.

“If you were to tell me in 9th grade that I’d be a senior captain, I’d say you’re crazy. I learned it’s not always about the best player, but being the best leader. It’s about setting the team in the right direction, and I pride myself on that,” Devan says. “There has been a great history of captains that came through this program, and they set the tone of how to be a great role model. I tried to carry those lessons. It was a really cool thing, something I’ll remember my whole life. I’ll cherish it.”